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Lasix in South Africa

Buy  Lasix in South Africa

Payment Options: VISA, Mastercard

Availability: In stock

Prescription required: No

Active ingredient: Furosemide

Medical form: Pills

Delivery time: Airmail (10 - 21 days), EMS Trackable (5-9 days)

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Generic Lasix 100mg

Package Price Per Pills Savings Shipping Order
100 mg - 180pills R 5 536.12 R 30.76 R 5 099.06 Free Airmail Shipping
100 mg - 360pills R 5 011.64 R 13.92 R 16 258.71 Free Airmail Shipping
100 mg - 270pills R 4 195.80 R 15.54 R 11 756.97 Free Airmail Shipping
100 mg - 120pills R 4 059.82 R 33.83 R 3 030.30 Free Airmail Shipping
100 mg - 90pills R 3 350.81 R 37.23 R 1 966.78 Free Airmail Shipping
100 mg - 60pills R 2 457.26 R 40.95 R 1 087.80  
100 mg - 30pills R 1 471.44 R 49.05 R 301.09  
100 mg - 20pills R 1 181.69 R 59.08 R 0.00  

Generic Lasix 40mg

Package Price Per Pills Savings Shipping Order
40 mg - 360pills R 6 879.52 R 19.10 R 3 030.30 Free Airmail Shipping
40 mg - 180pills R 3 088.57 R 17.16 R 1 864.80  
40 mg - 120pills R 2 272.72 R 18.94 R 1 029.52  
40 mg - 90pills R 1 879.37 R 20.88 R 597.32  
40 mg - 60pills R 1 379.17 R 22.99 R 271.95  
40 mg - 30pills R 825.56 R 27.52 R 0.00  
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